Monday, October 24, 2011

Agent Proxy on SCOM Agents

When we install SCOM agents on any server or workstation after installation we need to enable [tick on] Agent Proxy on Agents properties via go to :
  • Administration Pane
  • Go to "Agent Managed" beneath "Device Management"
  • Search for the Agent
  • Right click on the Agent and select Properties
  • and tick on "Agent Proxy"

good Enough !!! but if we  installed SCOM Agent on 100 servers or if your organization have more then two administrators and rather then you other administrator installed the SCOM Agents and he forget to enable the “Agent Proxy” , then you you found that which Agents are “Proxy Enabled” and which are not.

There are two ways to accomplish it.

Option 1:
Check the Settings of each and Every SCOM Agent
Option 2
Use PowerShell :)
let me show you how .

Open “Operations Manager Shell

and type this command “Get-agent | ? { $_.ProxyingEnabled -match $False} ” and hit enter .
and this will show you the list of All agents which doesn’t have “Agent Proxy” enabled.

to be more precise we can also select name of the Agents
Get-agent | ? { $_.ProxyingEnabled -match $False}  | select Name

That’s all :)

now we know on which “Agent” we need to enable “agent Proxy” setting.

Aman Dhally