Thursday, June 30, 2011

SCOM: Run As Account does not exist on the target system or does not have enough permissions [MS SQL server 2008]


Yesterday  my SQL Server Management Pack reporting that it is facing some problem with “run as accounts” it says either “run as accounts does not exists” or they don't have “enough permission” to do some tasks. Both these server have SQL Server 2008 installed.

When SQL 2008 is installed by default, it no longer places BUILTIN\Administrators in the SQL security access list.  The install of SQL 2008 now prompts the installer to give SQL a user account, or Group, to grant SA (SysAdmin) rights to.  If installing on a standalone instance, NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (Local System) is still granted SA rights.  If installing on a clustered instance, NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (Local System) is granted public rights, but not SA.

Kevin Holman



Kevin Holman wrote an excellent post on this error.. click here

I have only few machine which are running SQL Server 2008, so i plan to give my default agent action account the rights on SA in SQL Server 2008.


Login to problematic SQL Server. Open SQL Management Studio. Got to SECURITY and then expand LOGINS,


Choose the “Default Agent Action Account” right click on it and then choose Properties.


Now click on “Server Role” and then select “SysAdmin” and click on OK..


That’s All :-) .. It should resolve the SQL Server 2008 Run As Problem.

I hope that it helps someone :)


Aman Dhally


  1. Hi, am facing same like issue but eith scom agents,
    (The Health Service could not log on the specified RunAs account. This will prevent the health service from monitoring or performing actions using this RunAs account)

    this user is the SQL-Admin user, so is that capable to solve this issue ?

    1. Hi Kahild for that i think you need to create run as accounts and assign them to that machine.


  2. Dreadful to just to blanket right this account on SQL. Bet you dont have DBA's where you work. Typical of people not knowing what to do on SQL and therefore give everybody SA rights, how about giving everyone domain\admin's near enought the same as what you are recommending here in SQL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Poor Solution, @Bassman has right!