Thursday, March 3, 2011

SCOM: "Failed Accessing Windows Event Log" Error

 Hi All,

Few days back I imported the DHCP Management Pack for SCOM. After importing I start getting Failed "Accessing windows Event Log" errors on Alert View of SCOM.

I Google and search internet and found that this is a BUG in DHCP Management Pack. In Monitored computer it shows the event ID 25002 and 25004

Thanks to Kevins Post who guide us what to monitor and what not to monitor on DHCP Servers
: Kevin Holman

To stop these error you need to Disable this alert using overrides.

To Override:  Right Click the Monitor, click on Properties .
click on Overrides and select "For all objects of class: health Service"

Choose Destination Management Pack. and change the value from "True" to override value "False"

and click on APPLY

Now you can see that it disabled the monitoring of the Windows Event Log.

I hope this Helps

Aman Dhally


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