Thursday, March 3, 2011

SCOM: "DNS 2003 Monitor Zone Resolution Alert" Error

Hi All,

Few days back i imported the DNS Server management pack for SCOM 2007 , The version of DNS Server management pack is 6.0.6480.0

After importing DNS Management Pack after few days i got Alerts regrading "DNS 2003 Monitor Zone Alert" for one of my "Reverse Lookup Zone" subnet.

and when i check using Health Explorer it shows the following.

The DNS 2003 Zone monitor use the following command to check the working of reverse zone.

NslookUp -QueryType=ns nameofzone dnsserver
for example
Nslookup -querytype=ns

The default timeout of 360 seconds.

So troubleshoot the problem i did the following .

  • Login to my DNS Server.
  • Open DNS Console
  • Expand Reverse Lookup Zone
  • Right click on my Subnet for which SCOM was giving me the alert.

  • Right Click on the subnet and click on Properties and then click on the NameServer tab
  • Note: please note that how much time it take to load, in my environment it takes half an hour to load the name of name servers.

So in My Environment the culprit was "MY old removed domain controllers whose entries still not get removed"

And after cleaning my DNS entries, everything seems well :)

Hope this helps

Aman Dhally

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