Friday, May 27, 2011

SCOM: SCOM not recognising SQL Server 2008 and Reporting Services installed

Yesterday I planned to install “Reporting Server” and “Data Warehouse” for SCOM on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. So to implement it i setup a new Server and Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Reporting Services in to it but when i run the “Check Prerequisites” from SCOM Installation media it was not recognising the  SQL and Reporting Services Installed.
Then I Click on More to check the details of the error.
The problem was “SCOM” needs “SQL Server 2008” with “Service Pack 1” or later. You can download SQL 2008 service pack 1 from here.
After Installation of Service Pack .. SCOM Detects the SQL Server 2008 and reporting Services.
I know its my mistakes. I should read the dependencies and prerequisites before doing anything.But I am sharing it may be it helps someone :)

Aman Dhally

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