Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“A SQL job failed to complete successfully” error in SCOM


As the error is self explainery that one of our SQL Backup Job is failed. How to fix it? Depends how much you know about SQL and you also know what to do. But let’s check which job is failed and let me show you how to check the failed “SQL Job” , I know its quite simple but sometime few SCOM new users don’t know where to find these failed jobs.


Error is showing that “SQL Job is failed on Computer 2K” and the job name is “Copy Tables From”


let me RDP to my SQL Server “2K” and let me open “ SQL Server Enterprise Manager”

Click on your SQL Server, expand the “Management” , beneath it expand “SQL Server Agent” and then click on “Jobs” and here is our failed SQL Job. You can see there is a red cross in the front of the the job.


To check the more details about the job, right click on it and then choose “View Job History”


now click on “Show Step Details” if you want to know more info about the job.


So here is the complete step info about the backup job. I think you can find a useful info on why this job failed.


Otherwise: go to your SQL Administrator and told him “Damn, Fix it ,”


Aman Dhally

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  1. Hi Hi,
    May I know how to view the Job on SQL Server 2008.