Monday, November 28, 2011

“Remote SMTP queue length is outside the configured threshold” error in SCOM



As the error clearly showing us that the problem is with one and more “SMTP” queue length. Let’s investigate a little bit more about it.



in error the source is “SMTP” and the path is one of our “Exchange Server”, in the error it is showing that the default number of message is set to “200” and the interval is “3600sec (1hour). which means this “SMTP Queue Monitor” check exchange server queues after every hour and if there is more than 200 messages are stuck in the queue it generates an alert.

let’ check our exchange Sever to solve the error

Open Exchange Server “System Manager” navigate to your exchange server and click on queues, and here we found our problematic queue, there is “301” messages stuck in it, the “SMTP monitor is right”,



  1. try to find out why your remote queue got stuck, may be some firewall rules blocking SMTP connection
  2. Make sure your SMTP Connector is working
  3. Right click on your problematic queue click on force connection and see if email start get deliver
  4. Try restarting “SMTP” service
  5. if nothing helps try contacting  any “Exchange Sever” engineer or administrator

in My case solution was different

i select the problematic server and right click on it and choose find messages.


all the messages which stuck in the queue was “JUNK” then i decide to remove them.

I selected all messages , right click on them and choose “Delete (no NDR)”


My message queue is not back to zero 0, all is well now , you can close this alert manually or wait for another one hour to get close it automatically.





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